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        設計參考/Design Reference

        LED 放映機


         LED projectors take advantage of recent advancements in LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp technology to offer several advantages over traditional metal halide lamp based projectors, including much longer lamp life, instant on/off, smaller form factor, lower energy consumption, and lack of mercury (environment-friendly).In order to overcome brightness limitations, however, projector manufacturers are employing many new light source and optical configurations, requiring complex timing and fan control functions.With no standard module solutions yet available, PSoC® 3 is ideally suited to handle the diverse analog and digital needs of projector designers.

        PSoC® 3 & PSoC 5 is able to handle the demanding system timing requirements of multiple LED drivers through high-performance VDACs, flexible DMA channels, and digital logic.Complex temperature control can be accomplished through multiplexed ADC sensor inputs and PWMs for fan control, controlled by the 8051.I/O such as CapSense buttons, LED indicators, and USB peripherals can be interfaced directly to the PSoC chip.Finally, power management functions such as battery charging can also be integrated.