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        設計參考/Design Reference




        Welcome to the Wireless Connectivity TechZone

        Our state-of-the-art JN51xx wireless microcontrollers place us at the forefront of developments in wireless technology. They provide the basis for cutting-edge wireless networking solutions in a diverse range of fields, including Smart Energy, Smart Lighting and the 'Internet of Things'. The JN51xx microcontrollers provide the optimum hardware platform for wireless network nodes, integrating a high-performance CPU and a 2.4-GHz radio transceiver on a single chip targeted at IEEE802.15.4-based solutions. This hardware is complemented by comprehensive support software (based on established networking protocols such as JenNet-IP, ZigBee Smart Energy, ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Light Link and ZigBee Remote Control) and other collateral to streamline product development and minimise time-to-market. Whatever your wireless networking needs, we would be delighted to talk to you about the microcontroller and networking protocol that provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your particular product.

        Product Portfolio

        Our wireless network offering includes:

        • JN51xx chips: Our current range of wireless microcontrollers is the JN516x family
        • JN5168 modules: Modules featuring a JN5168 wireless microcontroller, with a range of power and antenna options
        • Evaluation kit: Off-the-shelf development kit containing carrier boards, expansion boards and JN5168 modules with a pre-loaded demonstration
        • Protocol stacks: A selection of wireless network protocol stacks, suitable for a wide range of application areas, provided in Software Developer’s Kits (SDKs)
        • Support: Extensive support resources including software, documentation, application notes and reference designs

        Supported Protocols

        Our JN51xx product infrastructure supports the development of wireless network solutions based on a number of protocols, all built on the IEEE802.15.4 standard – these include:

        • IEEE802.15.4
        • JenNet-IP
        • Smart Energy application profile for ZigBee PRO
        • Home Automation application profile for ZigBee PRO
        • ZigBee Light Link application profile for ZigBee PRO
        • ZigBee Remote Control (RF4CE)

        For more information on the above protocols, refer to the tabs IEEE802.15.4JenNet-IPSmart Energy, Home AutomationLight Link and Remote Control.

        - See more at: http://www.cn.nxp.com/techzones/wireless-connectivity/overview.html#sthash.nhGSuTg1.dpuf